i have decided to give myself an october challenge. i will blog every day this month - that could include sharing some of my thoughts, photos, quotes - just something that has been on my mind and that i want to share with you all! i know that this isn’t going to be easy - especially with a busy little boy, but i am determined to follow through.

i am praying that this will be an encouragement to you as much as it is to me and i can’t wait to look back over the next 31 days and see the things that God has revealed to me and taught me through this process.

let the challenge (and journey) begin…


accepting uncertainty.

this is one of my biggest struggles.  it is so difficult for me to accept the things that i don’t know or understand and the uncertainty that comes along with the unknown future. wouldn’t it be nice to just have a glimpse of God’s plan? a glimpse into what He has coming for us so we could be a little prepared? well that isn’t possible and in the end it wouldn’t be healthy for us. we wouldn’t need to have faith if we knew what was coming in our future and what would happen to our trust in God’s sovereign plan?

i struggle with this uncertainty on a daily basis.  i am so blessed to be involved in a women’s bible study at our church and we were talking about peter walking on the water with Jesus.  even though Jesus was right in front of Him, peter still got distracted by the wind and the waves around him and took his eyes off of Jesus.  at that point, he began to sink.  he needed to keep his sights on Jesus and focus on Him in order to continue to walk on the water.  (matthew 14:22-33)

when peter started to sink, Jesus said to him “o you of little faith, why do you doubt?” wow…i need to hear this! this is ME! i know that God is in total control and He is right in front of me leading the way.  i need to believe and not doubt when the first signs of uncertainty and distress come my way!

may we all keep our eyes on Jesus when struggles arise and when the present and future becoming overwhelming.

the many faces of micah: 14 month edition. our little man is now walking and loves to constantly explore. he chatters away in his own little language including his first word “hi” and loves his books! we are so blessed by our blond headed boy! 💙

the many faces of micah: 14 month edition. our little man is now walking and loves to constantly explore. he chatters away in his own little language including his first word “hi” and loves his books! we are so blessed by our blond headed boy! 💙

the future.

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about those two words - the future.  why are those words so scary?! in the music industry, those are two words that i haven’t been able to really connect with.  there are so many uncertainties that come with being an artist.  you can never assume that you will be able to make music into the future.  i have often said how i wish God could give us a glimpse into the future, but then we wouldn’t need to have faith and trust that He is in total control.

as i look to the future and try to figure out the next steps in my music it is so apparent to me that i have been blessed to be able to do what i’ve already done as an artist.  anything over and above is just a cherry on top of the sundae! with that in perspective, i am not owed anything. all God calls me to do is trust in His plan and know that He is in control.

may this encourage you as you look into the future and whatever it is the God is calling you to do.  blessings to you!!!

"life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music."
- ronald reagan

here are a few highlights from micah’s one year photos! we are so blessed to be parents to this busy little boy! he brings us so much joy!  what a year of change it has been!  i can’t wait to see what’s in store for this coming year!!!  thank you to chasing delight photography for capturing our little family so beautifully!

community. church.

throughout the summer our church has been getting groups of women together to discus relationships - our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with our church & our relationship with each other.  it has been such a blessing to connect with women from different walks of life and different stages of life.  you can always gain so much wisdom from each other and from what others have been through and are going through.

this last week we talked about our relationship with our church.  it is so important to have community within the body of believers. in the last year, our family moved from nashville, tn to rockford, il (just outside chicago).  it was such a huge adjustment for our family and so hard to leave the relationships that we have developed over our six years living in nashville.  the was definitely the hardest part of leaving…

…but God is SO FAITHFUL!!!  he has provided such amazing friendships for us in rockford.  it has been so wonderful to connect with other young families who have little ones that micah can connect with and play with as well.  it was definitely the end of an era for us with moving, but God has giving us amazing friends to walk through this new season of life with.

it has also given me such hope in the church community!  people have been so incredibly welcoming of all of us at our new church and it has been such an encouragement to see the body of Christ love on people!  we may think that finding friends to walk this journey with is a small request to ask, but God cares about every little thing!  nothing is too small or to big to ask or talk to Him about.  that is such an awesome comfort!  and always know, if you’re going through a time that you may not have a lot of people in your life, God is always there to listen and walk through your journey with you!  He will never leave you!!!

if you’re in the rockford, il area, we would love to have you check out our church - first free rockford.


this is such a cool idea!  i’m always looking for ways to go outside my comfort zone when it comes to my style and this seems like a great way to do it!  would love to hear if you have used stitch fix before and what your experience has been!  check out this link if you’re interested in signing up!

my favorite things.

here are a few of my favorite things right now:

APPS.  a few of my favorite apps right now included an easy way to keep track of all of micah’s milestones and an app that has all of my favorite blogs in one place for me to read whenever i have a spare minute.  the first app i love right now is called blink buggy.  i had been searching for something like this for awhile and this app allows me to record milestones that micah is going through instantly.  i can then view them online, or even decide to make a memory photo book including those memories.  it is so important for me to keep track of all the important “firsts” that happen in micah’s life, so that is a easy way for me to do that at my fingertips.  i have also become an avid blog reader lately and the app newsify puts them all in one place and easily available to read!

MAKEUP.  last week we stopped by walmart and i came across drew barrymore’s makeup line flower beauty.  i found this really awesome peach lipstick called lip suede in the “life’s a peach” color.  i have pretty much used it everyday since i got it and can’t wait to get it in more colors.  i love that it is matte and not overpowering - this is good for me since i never really like wearing an overpowering lip.

EVENING WALKS. my husband and i have always tried to make it a point to go for a long evening walk when he gets home from work.  it has been such a wonderful tradition to be able to continue with micah.  micah loves to sit in his stroller…like a king…and check out the neighborhood while matt and i are able to catch up on our day.

ROOKIE BLUE.  i have no idea why i started watching the show rookie blue, but for some reason i did and now it is one of my favorites.  i saw one of the recent season’s episodes and decided to go back to the beginning and see where all the character’s started - big mistake!  one of the things i like about this show is that it is totally based in toronto - even though it is on american television.  it’s fun to hear and see all of the canadian references while i watch!

PODCASTS.  at this time, i haven’t been listening to a lot of music.  i have been listening to different podcasts & sermons.  it’s been really neat to be able to use the time i would usually use listening to music and gain some knowledge and insight into God’s Word and different creative things!  one of my favorite podcasts is called life in the woods: hope for independent creatives. it has been such an encouragement in my music and really interesting to hear from some of my favorite artists right now.

anyway, those are a few things that i’m enjoying right now! would love to hear some of your favorite things as well! :)